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Devils Blend Cleaner

Devils Blend Cleaner

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What would you do for the cleanest, shiniest wheels? Make a deal with the Devil? 
Well, luckily for you, you don't have to! All you have to do is get yourself a bottle of our Devils Blend Wheel Cleaner and your wheels will be so clean people will think you did! 
The pH neutral formula in this product even tells you when its ready to be washed off by changing colors! Easy as spray on, wait for the color to change, then scrub and rinse! 

    Clings onto brake dust and road contaminates
●    Safe to use on all wheel types
●    Active cleaning agents dissolves and loosens stubborn dirt on your wheels and tires
●    Formulated with a pH Neutral formula that changes colors once the work is done
●    Locally made and crafted with care in the USA

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