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2002 vett poster

Buy this poster and check out! It is that simple. Each poster is printed on a thick high quality 24x36 poster paper. Easy to hang as is and looks amazing when framed. 

Want to pass on the poster and save on shipping? 

For a limited time you can enter for only $50 when you get a digital download. 

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Corvette Digital Download

After checking out, you will receive a link to download this image in a high-resolution format to print or use as a background on your phone.



Purchase one of our 800 limited run prints


Sit back and relax while we do the rest


Once the winner is chosen from our third party sweepstakes company, we will ship the car directly to your house

#1 We give away awesome cars.

You have an AMAZING chance of taking home our 2002 Z06 Corvette because we ONLY Offer a limited run of 800 prints per giveaway period. Once they are gone, they are gone and it's over. 

#2 We give back. 

Not only are you buying a print and being entered to take home our Corvette, but you are helping those in need. At the end of every giveaway, we will present our selected charity a portion of our proceeds. We believe in helping others when they need it most. Every giveaway we will select a local or national charity to help. 

This giveaways charitable donation will be made to the pitties love peace

The mission:

To provide a safe haven for pit bull and pit bull mix dogs in need throughout the northeast, primarily focusing on dogs in Pennsylvania. they rely on approved fosters families to provide safe, loving, temporary homes for the dogs in their care. The ultimate goal is to place each and every rescue into a loving forever home. Until that happens though they provide food, bedding, shelter and veterinary care for every dog, as well as training and rehabilitation for those in need.